I'm (finally) launching a newsletter

....and I'd like you to subscribe

“The future of work, with a feminist perspective”: that’s basically what I’ve been writing about for 4 years.

So why am I only starting a newsletter now? Mostly for two reasons: one is email overload; two is a (mild) form of impostor syndrome. I follow a bunch of amazing newsletters and up to now I’ve been happy to passively absorb all this great content.

So what’s changed? I want to write in a more personal way and have discovered this may be the best format to do so. I want to write about the future of work, but with a different perspective, one that includes the way we live, the point of view of women, international comparisons, and history.

That’s why it has to be in English: I’m French, but I live in the UK, and I’ll move to Germany in one year. What other language could I possibly use?

A bit of teasing: my first newsletter will be about emails and newsletters, the “email system” I intend to implement in 2020, writing, and the impostor syndrome. Future subjects for the following ones include: the yoga industry and the “winner-take-all” future of work model, Germany’s female workers, the companies that complain they can’t recruit “talent”…

I’ll launch my first newsletter once I have 400 subscribers. So please help me reach that threshold by subscribing and telling others about it! ❤️